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I've been meaning to use in my project sd storage and the ADCs on my Maixduino borad but looks like it's not possible for the esp32 and the sd slot pins are shared.

I'd like to know if it is possible for me to mount sd through an adaptor on other pins so I can use it all simultaneously.

And code-wise how should I do it? SPI?

help please and thanks in advance Smile


It is possible to to use SD card on any (unused) pins.

Just configure the pins in menuconfig, run in k210-freertos directory:

./ --menuconfig

Select the SD card pins to use and rebuild the firmware.

Of course, your adapter must be connected to the correct pins.

thank you very much!!

if I may ask, how do I use the ADCs? your firmware has support for it? if not could you shed some light on how I can do that?

It should be easy to interface an external ADC chip (via I2C or SPI), I'll include some examples in the next update...
On Maixduino, ESP32's ADC can also be used.
I have a complete ESP32 Python module now, which includes functions for accessing ESP32 ADC, gpios, etc. It will be pusshed to the repository soon.


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