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ulab Samples - FFT benchmark with Sipeed MAixBiT in 1st place

ulab Samples is a repository with links, examples, benchmarks, etc, about ulab module, a NumPy-like array manipulation library for MicroPython and CircuitPython.

Most interesting is the ulab FFT benchmark for 1024 points, where you can see, among other boards, the performance of Sipeed MAix BiT with MicroPython for K210 Lobo firmware : it is a clear winner in double precision (FP64) FFT, taking only 1.030 ms !

Sipeed MAix BiT with RISC-V 64bit Kendryte K210 has double precision (FP64) float point hardware support, and MicroPython for K210 Lobo firmware is currently only for double precision (FP64). But it would be very useful to have MicroPython for K210 Lobo firmware in two versions, one in single precision (FP32) and another in double precision (FP64), so the K210 microcontroller can show all its performance.

See more comments in ulab Samples repository.


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