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INFO Upgrade ESP32 board without psRAM with 4MB/8MB SPIRAM
As I responded in the Espressif forum:

You have to modify the esp-idf/components/esp32/spiram_psram.c, to enable psRAM initialization for ESP32-PICO-D4 and rebuild the firmware.
See this for instructions.

The correct pin mapping should be like this (latest response from esp-idf team).

I will modify this file in the next MicroPython repository update, probably it will selectable in menuconfig as it is not yet officially supported by esp-idf.

At the moment I don't have an ESP32-PICO-D4 board to test it, I hope to get one soon.
Hey Smile
I've managed to solder PSRAM module onto Esp Wroom-32 - it detect's ram, but failing memory test... Tried two different PSRAM modules - both gives the same problem.

My wiring:
#CE (1) - GPIO16
SO/SIO1 (2) - SD0
SIO2 (3) - SD3
VSS (4) - GND
SI/SIO0 (5) - SD1
SCLK (6) - GPIO17
SIO3 (7) - SD2
VDD (8) - 3,3v

plus 10k pullup on pin 16 (1 - R10k - 8) and 0.1uf cap between VSS and VDD

All solder connections seems to be ok (triple-checked with multimeter, no nearby pins connected by mistake).

What can be wrong?

Screenshoot of serial console:

Soldered module:
to jarekdudzinski

Did you manage to run the psRAM without errors?
Nadim, unfortunately no ... For now I just gave up. Will just order some WROVER modules with PSRAM.
(04-20-2018, 04:55 PM)lobo Wrote: If you have a ESP32 board without psRAM, it can now be upgraded with SPIRAM chip.  Smile

[Image: ESP32_Feather_psRAM.jpg]

Describe the procedure for removing the screen from the ESP32. Thank.
we are also facing the same issues faced by jarekdudzinski. We have a 4MB flash and a 8MB PSRAM soldered on our custom designed board. We can see the PSRAM gets initialised the first time but subsequently the memory test fails. In the subsequent reboot, the PRSAM initialisation also fails. we have used the following devices on 3.3V SPI interface in standard SPI mode. Any suggestion on what could be wrong with the PSRAM access?

BY25Q32CS (Flash)

We could have the device successfully booted from the flash using the 520KB internal RAM, BT/WiFi successfully working with also OTA also working without any issues.
Does anyone know if regular MicroPython is compatible with this mod?
Does anyone know of a source to get the IPS6404L-SQ-SPN in the US or if there is an alternative chip available from Mouser or Digikey?

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