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FEATURE REQUEST Waveshare 2.13inch E-Ink support
hello on micropython forum noticed, that you are working on waveshare e-ink driver. Any idea when you plan to add this driver to your exelent micropython library.?  Cool
on micropython forum page is unfinished driver, without support for all types (mine is 4.2inch e-Paper Module (B)

btw: do you have any roadmap?

Im experimenting with esp32 with battery + sensors, deepsleep, conected to domoticz (update json file) and it works great in my tests....

I have the ePaper module half-finished for a long time, just never had enough time to finish it completely.

I'm working on a hardware design for a low-power ESP32 board with GSM and Waveshare 2.9" or 4.2" ePaper display (B or B/Y, B/R), so I think I'll have to finally finish the module so I can test the board.
The board should be finished by the end of the month, and while waiting for the PCBs I'll work on a driver.
I expect to commit the ePaper module to the repository in the first half of June.
I am also working on a low power board with similar ideas.
I have a 2.13" tri colour (R/W/B) epaper screen that uses the GDEW0213Z16 chip to drive it. Because the epaper screen updates are so slow (>1 sec) speed of the driver isn't so important but the downside is epaper uses so many pins so I was going to incorporate a MCP23017 to off load the CS,DC,Busy,Reset pins onto the MCP23017

I haven't started to work on my software driver yet as am still waiting on the diodes for the boost converter the screen needs to update to get the hardware working.

Not sure if you would consider adding my setup idea to your driver or if I should just write my own driver to make my setup work??

As I mentioned in another post, I will include port expander support into machine.Pin module, so that expander's pins will be usable the same way as native ESP32 gpios.

I'm also working on inteligent display board based on ESP32 which will support SPI (later probably also the parallel) TFT/ePaper displays.
It will act as a slave device which will accept complex display commands and Python scripts over I2C, SPI, UART or WiFi.
Great thanks for info and your work Smile

Do you plan to sell your boards ?
(05-11-2018, 12:51 PM)devrosx Wrote: Do you plan to sell your boards ?

It is my plan to create a saleable product but I would assume it would take me easily 3 months before anything would be ready for market.
I forked the waveshare raspberry pi drivers found on their wiki to make a micropython optimised one.
I have 1.54” b/w and 2.9” b/w panels working with my STM32 boards.

@lobo we’re you planning on creating a C version, like your TFT driver?

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