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ASR voice recognition
I do remember someone awhile ago posting something about a Chinese ASR voice recognition that performed really well but only understood Chinese not English. It does seem that now English has been added.

Has anyone here had a play with the LD3320 see,scm-url:1007.13338.98644.000000000000000

It looks interesting, I'll order one to play with.

For speech recognition, Alexa Voice Service (AVS) could also be used, I have some plans to add the support for it...
I've just received a ESP32-Lyra-T board and will start working on audio module soon.
Alexa Voice Service requires internet connection and also the time taken to record the audio then send it to AVS then get the result back. This chip does it all local on the chip in live time.

U might need check which version of the chip is on that board because as far as I can tell it is only the latest version of the chip can recognize English, the original version could only recognize Chinese.

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