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Download Latest firmwares

Update date: June 28. 2018.

Version: MicroPython ESP32_LoBo_v3.2.20 - 2018-06-28

You can check the commit history to see what was changed between updates.

Exclamation From May 10 2018 (ver ESP32_LoBo_v3.2.15) firmwares built with psRAM support will also run on boards without psRAM

Links to download the latest prebuilt firmwares:

Base micropython image

Base micropython image with OTA support

Base micropython image for boards with 4MB psRAM

Base micropython image for boards with 4MB psRAM with OTA support

MicroPython image with most of the modules enabled

MicroPython image with most of the modules enabled for boards with 4MB psRAM

MicroPython image with most of the modules enabled + BT (RFCOMM module) for boards with 4MB psRAM

All firmwares are configured with 1 MB SPIFFS file system.
Telnet server, FTP server, mDNS and Mqtt module are enabled.

How to flash:

Unpack the downloaded file.

To flash, use

You can use the included to flash the firmware.

How to flash with script assumes that you have esptool instaled.

If you don't, you can install it by running:
pip install esptool or pip3 install esptool

Change you working directory to the selected firmware directory and run:

../ -p <your_comm_port> -b <baud_rate>

-p & -b options are optional, default port is /dev/ttyUSB0, default baud rate is 460800.
It would come handy when the .zip files contained a date in their filename.
73 de Serge, ON4AA
Hello LoBo, I have a problem with Pin.irq, it does not work with the LoRa library. However I read that before the June 4, 2018 version it was still implemented (, can you tell me where I can find the old firmware (I searched on git, here and on the web but I can't find it) or does your Pin.irqvalue implementation do the same thing? I know that it makes little sense to use an out-of-date base but as I only want to test if the communications work. Best regards.

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