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SD card problems
(03-23-2018, 05:38 AM)liudr Wrote: ... now just have to find how to compile the UART module into the lobo firmware.

The UART module is always compiled, you don't need to do anything special, see the Wiki.
Hey OutoftheBOTS,

Just got my first ESP-32 module with the 4MB pSRAM. Here is a photo of my board held in hand and the stock photo. I wasn't expecting the SD card connector and the lack of the RF shield. I guess we're dev board buddies now!
Mine is more expensive though! I'll solder header and wire strap some resistors to the pins since they are all exposed on the two rows. Don't know why they cheaped out on 10K resistors though. I can't solder those resistors. They are probably 0402 or something.

[Image: wrover-boards.jpg]
Mine is slightly different to yours.

Mine has a LDO but yours has a switching regular and yours seems to have a boot button too.

Yeah, it does look different now that I have images of yours and mine on one page. Mine seems to have two regulators. I recognize the components in the middle as boost or buck regulators with the inductor and couple of caps besides the regulator. Maybe it boosts 3.7V to 5V. The other one could be an LDO 3.3V so it takes 5V and turns it into 3.3V. It looks identical to the image on the aliexpress page you provided. They must have made changes since your purchase. I'm afraid to connect a battery to it. No point. It's going to be a dev board tethered to my computer LOL.

Thanks for your help! Much appreciated.
Not sure if you can see a mosfet on yours to disconnect the bat+ while USB is connected. Mine should run fine on Bat or fine on USB but I worry that I may kill my board if I connect both at the same time.

If you got your SD card to work and you post your exact code and pins used please I might have been doing something wrong.
I am sure there is no MOSFET so unless I really want to use the battery, I'll just use a USB power bank. Before I flashed lobo firmware, the stock firmware was able to list folders and open/read files but that was all automated with no REPL access. Once I flashed lobo firmware and attempted uos.sdconfig(uos.SDMODE_4LINE) then uos.mountsd(), it became no-go. Since you ended up using SPI mode with an external sd card BOB, either you or me have confirmed that 4line SD mode works on the firmware yet. I could bite the bullet and do the wiring since I have the sd adapter home made adapter. It's nice to have confirmation it works with 4line mode.
I couldn't get the on board SD card to work before but it is working now

Quote:MicroPython ESP32_LoBo_v3.1.28 - 2018-03-29 on ESP32 board with ESP32
Type "help()" for more information.
>>> import uos
>>> uos.sdconfig(uos.SDMODE_SPI, clk=14, mosi=15, miso=2, cs=13)
>>> uos.mountsd(True)
 Mode: SPI
 Name: SD16G
Speed: default speed (25 MHz)
 Size: 14784 MB
  CSD: ver=1, sector_size=512, capacity=30277632 read_bl_len=9
  SCR: sd_spec=2, bus_width=5

>>> uos.listdir()
['System Volume Information', 'JPG', 'VIDEO', 'bots.jpg', 'bots.bmp', 'text.txt']

But If I try to use 1LINE it doesn't work

Quote:MicroPython ESP32_LoBo_v3.1.28 - 2018-03-29 on ESP32 board with ESP32
Type "help()" for more information.
>>> import uos
>>> uos.sdconfig(uos.SDMODE_1LINE, clk=14, mosi=15, miso=2, cs=13)
>>> uos.mountsd(True)
E (198813) sdmmc_req: handle_idle_state_events unhandled: 00000004 00000000
E (198814) sdmmc_cmd: sdmmc_card_init: send_op_cond (1) returned 0x107
E (198817) vfs_native: Failed to initialize SDcard (263).
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 1, in
OSError: [Errno 5] EIO
Thats because of the wiring:

SD name        ESP32 pin        SPI pin
D0             2                MISO
D1             NC               NC
D2             NC               NC
D3             13               CS
CLK            14               SCK
CMD            15               MOSI
So only SPI-mode will work.

See also here:
I just put the board under the microscope and it seems the pin4 and pin 12 r not connected to the SD adapter, you can see the 4 vias going to the SD adapter on the others side.

It does make it hard when the manufacture doesn't release a schematic or any docs on the board what so ever.

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