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More question about possible
I saw this today

It is a way of turning a trained NN into a cpp file to run on a MCU. Does this mean it would be possible to add a trained NN to the MP firmware??

here's a quote from 1 of the contributors to the project

Quote:In the last few years its suddenly become possible to take noisy signals like images, audio, or accelerometers and extract meaning from them, by using neural networks. Because we can run these networks on microcontrollers, and sensors themselves use little power, it becomes possible to interpret much more of the sensor data we’re currently ignoring. For example, I want to see almost every device have a simple voice interface. By understanding a small vocabulary, and maybe using an image sensor to do gaze detection, we should be able to control almost anything in our environment without needing to reach it to press a button or use a phone app. I want to see a voice interface component that’s less than fifty cents that runs on a coin battery for a year, and I believe it’s very possible with the technology we have right now."
Very interesting! Thanks for the link! I wasn't aware that something like this existed for mcu's

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