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INFO New Font creator online tool
For all using the TFT module a new online Font creator tool is now available.

It will also be available as a standalone Python program (should work on any OS).

Some features:
  • Convert any ttf font to C source file which can be compiled with tft.compileFont() or included into the build to be compiled into the firmware
  • Convert directly to binary fon file which can be used with tft.font()
  • Convert full ascii character set (32 - 127) or only the user defined selected characters
  • Adding characters from different code pages is supported
    Including characters like ÄßČĐžøµ° is now possible
    Non-Latin character sets like Cyrillic, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese are also supported.
  • Font sizes from 8 to 110 pixels are supported
  • Preview of the created font before download

Example of created font, size 32, ASCII + Cyrillic characters:

[Image: example_Comic_Sans_MS32.png]

Example of created font, size 20, ASCII + Greek characters:

[Image: example_Comic_Sans_MS20.png]

Example of created Arabic and Hebrew fonts, size 32:

[Image: example_NotoNaskhArabic-Regular32.png]

[Image: example_NotoSansHebrew-Regular32.png]
great thanks, 
all looks ok generated *.fon file loaded in micropython with lcd.font("lob55.fon") with no error, 
but then font isnt displayed lcd.print('TEST' 50,50) (only some generic font is used...)
here is my generated file
font file
didnt tried .c files yet

any news about  Wiki for EVE Smile
Sorry, there was a bug in creating the final fon file causing the file not to load. Thanks for reporting.
It is fixed now , I've tested with your font and it works.

You have created the font with the option ASCII character set + user defined aditional characters, but as extra characters you've selected the whole ascii character set, which makes no sense. You should add only the characters you need besides the bacisc characters.
In the font preview you can see which characters are generated.

I'm working on some importat updates and additions to the MicroPython, I hope to finish all in a week, than I'll try to finish all the missing documentation, including EVE.

The update will also include support for encode/decode to/from various code pages, so entering the text with special characters for TFT displays will be much easier.
great will try it soon Smile
on webpage you can add
Select TrueType Font or OpenType Font to convert.

because otf also works...
(11-15-2018, 10:02 AM)devrosx Wrote: Select TrueType Font or OpenType Font to convert.


Option to automatically add all characters from some code page is added, some more bug fixes and improvements.
yup i can confirm that all works now great...
BTW why is limit only 80? full screen fonts on M5stack would be usefull in some cases (big clock letters, huge scroling text etc Smile or its some kind of hw limitation?
is the online tool experiencing some issues? I've used it before, successfully, but currently all I get is "internal server error"
The server was upgraded recently and there was a missing Python module.
It is fixed now, Thanks for reporting.

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