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ESP32 Mesh possible with Micropython ?
Hi, I have project where I am planning to use two or more ESP32 running micropython in a mesh topology. So trying to explore if this is possible in micropython and what other options are available.

I have some plans to add mesh specific modules, but not before the years end.
i have star mesh working reasonably so far using udp and it is very fast
one central unit has multiple repeaters logging in to it and then other nodes like lights and power point log into any of those by signal strength
self configuring but there are multiple roles.
range is better than my internet router and its repeater.
one of the units is a mobile phone running my slave program in qpython which gives speech to text and text to speech to the network, no internet used, no router used
Hi, may I ask what the current development of configuring a mesh network with the ESP32 and micropython is? I'm trying to figure out if it's possible to establish a mesh network connection between one esp32 functioning as root node and other esp32 boards without using a router. I know that there is ESP-Mesh by Espressif but I wanted to know if I can do it by using micropython in any way.
[Image: huh.png]

I'm also looking for a Micropython Mesh solution.

Anything out there ??

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