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What IDE/tool to use with ESP32
After flashing LOBORIS firmware to ESP32 I am looking for tool/IDE that I could use on Windows 10 machine to connect to ESP32, edit *.py files, copy to and from PC to ESP32. I tried first uPyLoader that did work with images from, however gave me error message with this firmware. I have then tried ESPlorer without success to connect. Finally I tried uPyCraft, which worked fine, but I have previously experienced connection problems with this software (another ESP32 running software from , not sure I want to rely on this IDE only. Any other suggestions that would work on Windows 10? Hopefully with graphical interface and capability to directly edit files on ESP32?
I use the builtin FTP server and filezilla. In my I setup my wifi and start the TFP server

Filezilla can be setup to open/edit *.py files in what ever software/IDE you choose.
I am currently toying with Thonny. It works well with micropython and is very lightweight. To use it with an esp (32 or 8266), you have to install the thonny-esp plug-in using the plug-in manager and select micropython in the options->interpreter (the documentation calls it a back-end) panel (see this link). One caveat is that file transfer is only one way: computer->esp32.
many thanks for light up this. but, i have few questions after migrating from uPyCraft 1.1 into Thonny 3.1.2. Please kindly comment it.
Question 1: where is the "file transfer" button of "Computer to ESP32" ?  My Uart connection is established and capable to read out message.  This Uart connection is via the TTL/Uart interface but not USB enumerate port.
Question 2: where is program edit alignment function. This function is capable to align the wrong space interval with the pre-setup. it is like "Reformat code" function in the Pycharm.

I use Pycharm because i'm used to it. it's heavy but have good productivity tools. The micropython support works well enough, but i use the integrated terminal to put files and access the REPL.
I've tired Thonny but it seems to support only one file por project and i'm working in a big project with lots of modules.
I also agree with @fstengel on Thonny. It is an easy to use editor sepcially designed for micropython. Although I burned the board with some stable release from it official page, but it should also works with Loboris as the IDE remains the same.

After burning the firmware select the interpreter as Micropython by going through Tools > Options > interpreter. And leave the Port to detect automatically as shown in the below image:
[Image: Setting-Up-Micropython-for-Programming-ESP32.png]
Took the image from below link and followed the same for programming ESP32 GPIO with Thonny and Micropython
I also agree with @fstengel on Thonny. it works well and introduced to friends.
(07-11-2019, 12:27 PM)jasper Wrote: I also agree with @fstengel on Thonny.   it works well and introduced to friends.

I have recently started using Kate, and it's very quick and light, and allows for very fast project switching. There are Git integrations and shell, to get you ftp and telnet to the esp32

Running on a Raspi 4

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