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upip documentation and a question
I have read through the wiki and this forum but have found very little information on how to use upip.

If you do not have a sdcard the file system is mounted on '/flash'.
You can then access files like you would in python normally.

f = open("/flash/","r") etc...

Installing packages via upip are installed by default to "/flash/lib" via this code.

import upip
upip.install("micropython-pystone_lowmem") . #(I used this example as its the only package I saw that actually worked)

I have a question, however.  does anyone know how to list the packages available to upip?

I was trying to install asyncio and I get this error.  Is there a way to get more information on the error?  Is this package not hosted?  What is the URL that contains all of the packages (if one exists).  

>>> upip.install("asyncio")
Installing to: /flash/lib/
Error installing 'asyncio': , packages may be partially installed

Thanks a lot everyone for all of the help.   Cool


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