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mp3 modules
on ttgo 8
works under arduino
no library or even serial.write can make these modules work under any form of micropython
which is to say all projects will have bad sound, waveplayer 8 bit, rubbish
i2s not working either
please prove me wrong

do not ask for libraries
shrimpton ectc, do not ask for code from me as I have lost count over the weeks
working examples on this board only are relevant
I have used MP3 player modules like this before very easy
(07-11-2019, 09:14 AM)OutoftheBOTS Wrote: I have used MP3 player modules like this before very easy

thats one of the two I got. can you post your code please
I have used it in the past and it all worked correctly with the code that I wrote using Micro-Python but I would any longer have any of that code but you can see at the bottom on the page of the link that I posted there is a lost of the serial command to control the MP3 player

A quick google found this Micropython code
tried shrimpingit many times, no luck on my board
tried serial commands but that did not work either on any board with micropython
will try again though as had boot issues with sd card

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