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Move ESP32 Camera Project to MicroPython - Webserver, Camera, Overlay
I’m working on an ESP32 camera project (Arduino IDE) that I would like bring over to a K210 based board for performance reasons.

Here’s a quick video demo of what I have at the moment:

At the moment I have a web page hosted on the ESP32. Commands and the video stream are over websockets. The cursor overlay uses the IDF gfx library.

How much of this is possible with the current MP port for the K210? I have a Sipeed M1 and the Maixduino.
The camera module will be commited in a few days.

If the WiFi is connected over UART (as on Sipeed M1), the speed is to slow for video streaming (max ~100 kB/sec at 1 Mbaud UART connection).

I'm working on the special ESP32 firmware which should enable very fast access to WiFi (~ 2MB/sec over SPI interface at 20 MHz).
Connection between K210 and ESP32 will be possible using only 4 pins, and any free K210 pin can be used. Any external ESP32 board/module can be used (I'm testing with Micro-32 module).

Two connection options will probably be available:
  • ESP32 working as a PPPoS server, all network operations and protocols must be implemented on K210
  • ESP32 providing high level protocols (sockets, http, https, ftp, mqtt, curl ...), K210 needs only to provide the command and wait for the rusult.
I'm currently testing which approach is better, but I will probably support both.

I expect the ESP32 firmware and the K210 MicroPython module to be ready at the beginning of October.
That sounds great! I'll wait patiently for updates.

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