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xpt2046 no calibration
I have been unable to run the calibration of a touch screen, ILI9341 with XPT2046 touch controller.

Screen initialised:
from machine import SPI,Pin
import display
import tpcalib

tft = display.TFT()
tft.init(tft.ILI9341, width=240, height=320, miso=12,mosi=13,clk=14,cs=15,dc=26, rst_pin=27,tcs=25,hastouch=tft.TOUCH_XPT, bgr=True)

def touch_cal():
    tpc = tpcalib.Calibrate(tft)
    #dosave = True
    tp_type = tft.TOUCH_XPT

on calling touch_cal() the screen is displayed, but is unresponsive to touch.
note: tpc.tpcalib(tt_type,dosave) gives 2 errors should be tp_type and only 1 variable required

I have tested the touch functioality using a driver derived from :

Any help appreciated
Hi everyone, this first post for me.
I'm upping this thread since I have the same issue with the XPT touch controller. Connections are good - I tested the touchpanel with arduino.

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