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Frame rate in Sipeed boards
Hello to you

I don't remember how I ended up on this forum, however I assume you are the one who is mentioned in ESP32 github section for providing several fixes.

Can you let me know what is the frame rate that you are able to achieve with the Sipeed K210 board and the OV2640 camera. I am told by the developer that they are unable to get 30FPS in VGA mode. I read on ESP32 camera board fixes, that if the clock is properly configure OV2640 allows 30FPS in VGA.

Can you let me know whether you achieved 30FPS with OV2640 or any other camera module using Kendryte.
I've got ~30 fps with both QVGA and VGA resolutions using OV2640 and OV5640 on K210 board (with displaying the camera frames and fps value on TFT display).
With higher DVP clock I've got 50 fps with QVGA and 30 fps with VGA resolution (probably because of time taken for scaling the image on the display).
Many thanks for your reply, is this with stock firmware or your own code. Can you point me to a reliable source for OV5640 which works with the Sipeed boards. Did you find any improvement in KPU code performance i.e detection etc if the chip doesn't drive the display?

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